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Kohler-SDMO Innovation and technology

Kohler-SDMO Innovation and technology

Continually seeking innovation to satisfy markets

The Engineering department offers complete solutions which comply with professionals’ requirements and realities. SDMO is constantly seeking innovation, a factor of vital importance in guaranteeing perfect fulfilment of demands, especially in terms of compliance with international standards. Inspired by our customers’ demands, the Engineering department is dedicated to the research and development of technical evolutions in response to the constraints encountered: need for a reduction in noise levels, a drastic decrease in pollutant emission levels, ability to operate in extreme climatic conditions, management of environmental constraints (humidity, sandstorms, etc.).

State-of-the-art technologies prior to research

The search for innovation goes far beyond finding solutions. SDMO has invested in advanced technologies to optimise the pre-development of its products and tailor-made solutions. The engineers from our design departments build on key technologies when designing gensets and power plants, in order to ensure that they comply with international standards: calculation of resistance, modal analysis of vibration frequencies, study of sound intensity, etc.